Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Script by Max Steiner

Ambient field sounds. Heroic trumpeting call to arms. Sounds of drawbridges lowering. Hoof beats.

A lovely pastoral view of an open field flanked by two castles. Zoom in on the leftmost castle, see the door open and the Pie Knight (PK) exit the castle on his horse, heading for the field. Fast pan to a close up of the rightmost castle, which the Black Knight (BK) leaves also on his horse, also heading towards the field.

Hoof beats. Slightly comical charging music (PK theme).

The PK on his horse, lance at the ready.

Hoof beats. Intense, foreboding charging music (BK theme).

The BK on his horse, lance also at the ready.

PK theme

PK on his horse.

BK theme
BK on his horse.

PK theme
PK slipping off horse.

BK theme
Closer shot of BK on his horse.

PK theme
PK slips even more off his horse.

BK theme
Even closer shot of BK on his horse.

PK theme petering out. Thud sound effect.
PK falls of his horse, lays expressionless on the ground, still holding his lance.

BK theme
close up shot of BK on his horse

BK theme. "Shiiiing!" sound effect.
the two horses cross paths, BK's lance pierces nothing but empty air. The PK is not in this shot, as he has already fallen of his horse.

music stops. hoof beats. stabbing sound effect and "urk!" noise
Close up of BK looking confused. Suddenly, he seizes up.

ambient field sounds. gurgling.
PK is still lying on the ground, and BK has just impaled himself on PK's lance.

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